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All UiTM lecturers are required to create and continuously update their own Teaching Portfolio for each course that they teach, following the template provided in the link below.

Teaching Portfolio (Part B) – Template to Create your own Teaching Portfolio

Teaching Portfolio – A Handbook for UiTM Academic Staff

Circular Letter of DVC (A&I) No. 1 Year 2014: The Use of the Book ‘Teaching Portfolio – A Handbook of UiTM Academic Staff



A teaching portfolio is an organized and systematic collection and compi­lation of documents used as evidence for teaching performance. It consists of a collection of documents and description of lecturers’ roles and responsibilities, contributions, as well as achievements which demonstrate the scope and quality of their teaching. It also acts as an evidence of the various activities carried out in relation to the enhance­ment of teaching and learning, research and service.

A teaching portfolio encapsulates the lecturer’s craft, their contributions and achievements in an organized and a systematic way, readily made available for the purpose of current and future reference in relation to an­nual appraisal, confirmation of position, promotion exercise, extension of service or contract, conferment of awards, etc.

Hence, the teaching portfolio provides an opportunity to foster a culture of teaching excellence as it can be used as a source of information and evi­dence of teaching activities, contributions and achievements.

The teaching portfolio documents a lecturer’s professional journey as evi­dent in reflective activities and evaluation of a lecturer’s work throughout the process of teaching and learning. It may include the following infor­mation:

Record of teaching duties and responsibilities in the form of course information, lesson plan, time table, etc.
Record of teaching related duties and responsibilities such as supervision, academic advising, etc.
Description of instructional materials developed and used
Description of assessment methods employed
Samples of students’ work
Through the process of continuous reflection and self-evaluation, lectur­ers can keep track of their performance over time. As such, the teaching portfolio shifts from the emphasis on teaching the content only as formerly practiced to an approach which focuses on both the content and by addressing questions such as:

What do I teach?
How do I teach?
Why do I teach the way I do?
What do I plan to do to improve the way I teach?
A teaching portfolio, therefore, is both a product and a process. As a prod­uct, it consists of a collection of documents and evidences of teaching per­formance and accomplishments, and as a process it involves the lecturer describing and reflecting on the teaching and learning activities as well as innovations towards effective teaching.

In addition, a teaching portfolio is a tool that can be used to gauge an individual lecturer’s performance based on evidence of activities and ac­complishments. [Source: Academic Affairs Division Website]