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Pusat Kajian Manuskrip Alam Melayu (PUSKAM)

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PUSKAM known as The Malay Manuscript Research Centre is one of the units / centers of excellence (CORE) under the Academy of Contemporary Islamic Studies (ACIS). PUSKAM is active in promoting the knowledge of manuscript to the global stage. It was established in 2007 to date remain active in activities involving research, article wrting, publishing, conducting seminars, academic visits, consultations, industry networking and so on. PUSKAM has been instrumental in bringing the lecturers and researchers to study Malay manuscripts through philological approach, content analysis and transliteration. Throughout PUSKAM establishment has been around a cooperative relationship with many outside agencies such as the National Library, RMI, State Library, Government of Brunei and the Indonesian government.

In 2009, PUSKAM was held two briefing sessions for Manuscript Research, both on 14th of January 2009 and 18th of May 2009 at Pusat Islam, Masjid Tuanku Mizan UiTM Shah Alam conducted by Dr. Fairuzah Hj. Basri, as a Chairman of PUSKAM. The session was attended by the researchers whose was visited the Malay Manuscript Centre at the National Library and all the lecturers. Participants were exposed to philological approach in researching Malay manuscripts.

Further, PUSKAM in collaboration with Research Management Unit (RMU), CITU organized a Workshop on Research Results Refining located in INTEKMA Resort. A total of six titles related research Malay manuscripts have been registered under Managemant Research Institute (RMI), UiTM. In addition, the Chairman of PUSKAM participated in Jawi Manuscript Review Workshop organized by the SMEs in the 15th – 16th of July 2009 at the Library Tun Seri Lanang, SMEs as an additional to the manuscript study skills.

Futhermore, Puskam has produced a research manuscript titled Manuscript MSS 2488 ( Durrun - Nafis ): Research and transliteration was presented at the Conference on Scientific and Social Research (CSSR 08'09 ) organized by RMI in A Famosa Resort Melaka on 14th -15th of March 2009 and won two prestigious awards of Best Paper (Merit Award ) and Best Presenter .

In addition, PUSKAM has produced a manuscript book entitled Contribution in Strengthening Islamic Educational Institution in Borneo that was presented at the Seminar on Islam in Borneo on 4th - 5th of March 2009. The seminar was organized in collaboration with UiTM Sarawak & UiTM Sabah. The article title: Pegangan Akidah Syeikh Abdul Rauf Singkel dalam Naskhah Umdat al-Muhtajin also was donated to SMEs for publication together with lecturers of Atma.

Meanwhile, PUSKAM was produced a poetry book titled Syair Kelahiran Nabi Muhammad dan Syair Nasihat : Pengenalan dan Transliterasi published by Upena, UiTM. This book has been written by Dr. Fairuzah Hj. Basri. Upena also selected this book to be presented in Session Talk Series Book 2 located in the UPENA Gallery on 25th of March 2009. During this session progresses, the authors reading the book together punctuated by Pak Agi whose real name is Abdul Ghafar bin Ibrahim, the Lecturer of Faculty of Film, Theater and Animation (FITA).



Advisor of PUSKAM
Prof. Madya Dr. Hj. Muhamad Rahimi Bin Hj. Osman

Head of PUSKAM
Dr. Fairuzah Binti Basri

Siti Noorbiah Binti Md Rejab

Research division:
Prof. Madya Zakaria Bin Mustaffa
Syuhaida Idha Binti Abdul Rahim
Suliah Binti Mohd Aris

Publication division:
Dr. Mohd Asmadi Bin Yaakob
Fadhilah Adibah Binti Ismail

ICT division:
Mohd Hafiz Bin Abdul Wahab
Nurzahidah Binti Haji Jaafar


List of research:

1. Transliterasi Naskhah Manuskrip MSS 2397 (al-Taghrib Wa al-Tarhib oleh Abdul Qadir b Abdul Rahim)

Researchers: Prof Madya Zakaria B Mustaffa, Mohammad Shukran B Abdul Razak & Prof. Madya Dr. Mujaini Tarimin


2. Transliterasi Naskhah Manuskrip Melayu Bashir al-Ikhwan bi-Asbab al-Mawt ala al-Iman (MSS 2273)

Researchers: Fairuzah Bt Basri & Prof. Madya Dr. Mujaini Tarimin


3. Transliterasi Naskhah Manuskrip Melayu Syair Kelahiran Nabi Muhammad SAW dan Syair nasihat (MSS 2264)

Researchers: Fairuzah Bt Basri & Prof. Madya Dr. Mujaini Tarimin


4. Fiqh Muamalat: Kajian Naskhah dan ulasan kontemporari

Researchers: Prof. Madya Dr. Mujaini Tarimin, Prof. Madya Ghazali Sulaiman & Fairuzah Bt Basri


5. Transliterasi Manuskrip Melayu Durr al-Nafis (MSS 2488)

Pengkaji: Fairuzah Bt. Basri, Nafisah Abdul Rahman & Prof. Madya Musa Hj. Ahmad


6. Syair Kelahiran Nabi Muhammad SAW & Syair Nasihat (Buku terbitan UiTM)

Author: Fairuzah Basri.


7. Naskhah Sullam al-Mustafid: Transliterasi dan Kajian Teks

Researchers: Sharifah Zaharah Syed & Nurulhuda Shaari


8. Syair Surah al-Qiyamah: Analisis Teks dan Transliterasi

Pengkaji: Fairuzah Basri, Safinaz Abdul Samat & Huzaimah Ismail



Year of 2015:

- Mesyuarat pelantikan AJK PUSKAM 2015-2017.
- Mesyuarat Penyelidikan
- Mesyuarat konsultansi utk Darul Ifta’ Brunei Darussalam.
- Mesyuarat Rangka Kerja 2016
- Lawatan ke Pusat Manuskrip Melayu, PNM.
- Lawatan ke Darul Ifta’, Brunei Darussalam.


Year of 2016:

- Bengkel penulisan buku
- Penataraan Manuskrip Melayu


Website link: http://PUSKAM.uitm.edu.my/v1/



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